The Author

Susie Mander

Susie Mander is the author of Bird of Chaos: Book One of the Harpy’s Curse. She has been published in Australian Doctor, the Hills Shire Times and the District Reporter was recently short listed for the AlburyCity Short Story Award.

Susie’s first encounter with fantasy was hunting for fairies with her grandmother in the garden when she was five. Like many fantasy enthusiasts, the first book she read was the Lord of the Rings. She went on to study fantasy at the University of Sydney as part of her Bachelor of Arts in English which she received in 2006. She also has a Bachelor of Teaching/Master of Teaching in English (2009) from the University of Sydney though due to the education system’s preoccupation with “serious” literature–i.e. realism–she has only had the opportunity to teach fantasy once.

Susie writes to explore philosophical ideas believing fantasy provides a vehicle to examine the human condition through scenarios that are often more memorable and less prescriptive than non-fiction.

She has a phobia of sharks which she has tried to overcome by learning to scuba dive. When she’s not writing she’s on an outing or doing activities like pottery and papier mache, anything to keep her sane.

Susie was born in Sydney. After a stint on a small farm, boarding school and a few attempts living overseas, she moved back to Sydney where she now lives with her husband, cat and soon to be baby.

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