Quotes Chapters 17-20

“Pain is an interesting thing…The body has a way of blocking it out. It shuts down the senses so, as you die, you hear only the ocean roaring in your ears…Your hearing remains and as I died I heard the snarling of orca feasting on my flesh. I was thankful when it was over.”
Drayk, Chapter Seventeen

“Death is nothing new. We see her hanging from the Justice Tree or slumped over in doorways. We see her with her chin resting on her shoulders indistinguishable from sleep. But this fear is foreign to us. It is no longer clear who is Tibutan and who is ‘other’.”
Verne, Chapter Eighteen

“Highness, I do not envy you. As a priestess I am free from such concerns. When an order is given I must follow it. I must devote myself to my faith. And yet, from one who has studied the ways of leadership in the hope of one day becoming high priestess…I must advise you to hold your tongue. Do not show your weakness. They will not forgive it.”
Ried, Chapter Eighteen

“Strategy by committee can never work…and yet it is so tempting, that pretence of collaboration, that spreading of blame like disease, coughing, spluttering.”
Verne, Chapter Nineteen

“Death is beautiful…And ghastly, too. It brings peace and panic; it is an enemy and a friend.”
Verne, Chapter Twenty