Quotes Chapters 1-4

“The holy consorts were perfectly content…Their subservience was their identity.”
Verne, Chapter Two

“A daughter of Tibuta, a being of sophrosyne, of balance, will be born and hers will be the most magnificent gift and with it she will have the potential for both chaos and salvation.”
The high priestess, Chapter Two

“When I looked at him I did not see a man, a father or a daroon; I saw only my reflection in his tiger eyes. We were one and the same, father and daughter, inseparable.”
Verne, Chapter Two

“It is the fate of all men to have to relive the lives of those who came before them. In a perfect world…we would start where our ancestors left off. We would add to their knowledge without having to waste time learning what they knew. We would live collectively, with one consciousness, one body of knowledge. But this is prohibited to us…It is our suffering.”
Drayk, Chapter Two

“Death is the realm of darkness. It is a towering flood, the hand that chokes. It covers all it finds in mud. It knows no master and is no slave. Yet it conquers all.”
The queen, Chapter Three

“After a time I became bored with fear. A child’s mind is like that; easily distracted, never truly appreciative of danger.”
Verne, Chapter Three

“It was the people who made me fall in love with Tibuta. Sure, the city was like a familiar tune: easy to hum, difficult to get out of your head. And it was my tune. But take away the people who filled it, the instruments who provided the bass and the treble, the melodies and harmonies, and I was left with nothing but noise.”
Verne, Chapter Three